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Rangers of Linwood

I'm nearly finished with the first draft of my latest offering. Rangers of Linwood will be the first of a series of 5 novels known as the Five Kingdoms Series.

Faerie Bells

Well, I've finished my latest novel, Faerie Bells. I'm in the editing process right now, and my step-daughter is working on the cover art. It's going to be awesome. 

Confessions from Androna

Thought you'd all be happy to know that Confessions from Androna is now under review. Hopefully soon I'll be hitting the "publish" button!

Freebies Update

I just updated the Freebies page to include the first chapter of Confessions from Draconis. Also, while working on a scene in Confessions from Androna, yesterday, I realized that there were two ways that I could write it: as a flashback, or as Darian actually telling Calantha and Cami about it. I chose the second way, but I think, after Confessions from Androna is published, I'll upload the scene as it would have looked in flashback form.